Sunday, 12 April 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #21 Competition Update

Morning all! I hope you are getting some sunshine which is bursting through the clouds on this windy day. It's time to update you on my competition entry which I first mentioned in Nayu's Craft Time #18

Not quite there yet
I've been working away at my emoticon protoype. Yesterday afternoon I sent the picture to a friend to see what she thinks - she does crochet too so is a good critic. She explained that it needs to be a bit clearer what it is, which an extra row of white squares between the mouth and the upside down vs which are eyes may work, as well as making the eyes from 5 not 3 squares. 

I then started brainstorming more ideas for the competition since the entry is looming (start of May). I had a few chores to do will I mulled things over, and thankfully came to the following conclusion which will bring sanity to my friend gets all of my ideas. 

I'm still entering the competition, but I'm not debuting my emoticon blanket. 

I'm fairly competitive and in the past being super motivated tends to make me focus only on whatever I'm working on, leading to not taking enough breaks and lots of self-pressure. Looking at it with perspective it seems a bit crazy to enter something I haven't yet made successfully, so I'm not. I'm going for a classic Nayu blanket, using either stripes/coloured squares just to make a fun pattern. 
Like the occasonal blue rows in this blanket made as a present for a younger member of my family

I am still going to be working on perfecting the emoticon blanket...except I will play around on paper first! That way it doesn't matter if I don't get it correct straight away, I can see what's wrong visually using squares of paper to display the pattern. It will lead to lots of drawing and cutting out which is part of designing - and a load of fun!
It's also why I bought a pad of squared paper the other week.
I will give continue giving competition updates - here's a picture of the different yarn I'm using.  At the moment I'm undecided whether the competition piece will make it to my shop, or if it will take residence in my bedroom. Either way I've a few weeks to decide that! 

Remember to take a peek at what I've got on sale on my Etsy store - more items are coming soon! (hopefully Tuesday).
I'll leave you with a glimpse of the colours for my competition blanket!

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