Saturday, 18 April 2015

Gallery #3 Dewdrop in the Desert Dreams

Dewdrop in the Desert Dreams neatly folded up
Today I'm going to chat about one of my Individual Blanket range items, the Dewdrop in the Desert Dreams, which is currently for sale over on my Etsy shop
Dewdrop in the Desert Dreams in all it's glory
A close up of the two colours
It was a random blanket, as I was browsing various makes of yarns and spotted the blue first. I fell in love with the subtle changes of colour, and then looked what colour to pair it up with. Seeing the second colour made me think of the desert. 
My kind of desert
I know deserts can have cactus and other shrubs in it, but somehow I think desert of mostly yellow sandy-soil, which is why there's no green in this blanket. I know that dewdrops are clear...
Dewdrops on a leaf
...but somehow when I think of them in my head they are sometimes blue. I probably got that incorrect view from when I was younger and always painted a river and sea blue. Either way, Dewdrop in the Desert feels like an appropriate name given the images the yarn conjured up for me. 
Here Dewdrop of the Desert Dreams blanket is folded in half and pulled back so you can see how neat the back is.

I confess that lately when I think of this blanket, or a desert, I instantly see Sora from the anime Aikatsu in her own brand Bohemian Sky outfit, right at the part of her song routine where she does a special appeal (think extra showy part of the dance) and is in a desert oasis.
I couldn't find a clear image of that precise moment in the song, so here is Sora at the start. Her outfit - and her hair - includes a lot of blue.
As you can tell anime heavily influences every aspect of my life (^o^) I think this blankets would suit Sora!
This is a never seen before photo - instead of being neatly folded I picked the blanket up, shook it out, dropped it, then took a photo. I've done this for practically all my projects so you'll get to see how it will look like in your home when in use. It might not be a conventional photo, but I like like it because when in use blankets do get like this!
I hope you like this blanket, remember it can be yours! Many more are on the way so do keep an eye out for them. 

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