Saturday, 28 February 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #7 Admin mania

New projects = I'll be changing the yarn in my basket this week!
There's a lot of behind the scenes 'stuff' is going on this weekend, including sorting return address labels (for me personally & Nayu's Crochet Dreams), labels with my name on for each item; this will be Nayu's Reading Colour in rainbow letters; and vaguely temporary business cards. Why vaguely temporary? I hear you ask. It's vaguely temporary because while I would love to have everything bespoke with my unique logo ...
...price wise it's not a practical option yet. I'm waiting until my shop a) is open & b) starts selling items before I'll start making sure my brand is the same for everything I use. Until then I'll use 'vaguely temporary' designs - these are designs offered by the company. I happen to be using Vistaprint UK, I'm not receiving anything by mentioning them, I simply like the look of them, they seem cheaper than the popular Moo business card, and currently have 25% off everything (I think) which is a very good deal for me right now! I am getting the item labels elsewhere, but they are still a bargain price. 

Thankfully this is not me! I'm conquering the yarn, not being attacked by it. Thought it was a fun pic ^o^
 This weekend I'm continuing to work on my paw print pet blanket prototype (try saying that fast 10 times!), as well as starting a spring coloured baby blanket. It's all go!

Next update will be Tuesday. Be sure to enter the current competition that's running to win a blanket made by me! 

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