Thursday, 1 December 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #197 Pre-Holiday stuff

Some of you may remember these cute but not my suitcases from previous posts...
Short post today, as I'm finishing up remaining tasks as swiftly and coherently as I can. Doing a load of stuff (chores & tasks) so that tomorrow I can have relaxed day because I'm going on holiday! And I'm going to...
Somewhere in the south of England...
Devon! I won't say exactly where, but it's somewhere in Devon and is vaguely by the sea  I'll be back Tuesday, but it's a long drive for me so will be shattered after. And then I'm having my mega strong meds, so it will be a good 10 days before I'm fuly back.  I will post a holiday snippet post once I'm back to what classes as normality for me.

Oh, that reminds me, don't panic if you see my Etsy store is closed. It's on holiday while I'm on holiday, and then a bit longer because once I'm back I'll need my mega meds which put me out of action for a few days. It will reopen on 13th December! There will be blog posts throughout the week, even if it's just a cute picture to make you smile. And Hootsuite is posting all the links up so I don't have to worry about getting tweets out. Yay! 
This super cute baby otter pic is a hint for what's happening in tomorrow's post!

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