Monday, 29 August 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #30 Coffee & Cream Dreams

Working on this lately!
So the title for this blanket has literally sprung to mind as I wrote the title for this post - yay! It may change, but for now I like this, as the colours of this blanket remind me of a latte with cream on top (don't drink them any more as I avoid coffee, even decaff for health reasons). I thought you'd like to see how I'm getting on with it. My phone is used so you get a scale of the blanket, it nearly covers the width of my bed. I'm not sure how many more rows are left. I've several balls of yarn for each other, so I'll wait and see how far I can go! 

Yesterday I did crochet for most of the morning - still being rather flakey health wise, needing to take it as easy as I can as I have little energy for thinking straight. I think it's a way to get me to do more craft, but please don't tell my body I've said that or it might stay in flakey mode for a good while! Which is bad, especially as I'm awaiting an order of my current top hot chocolate/chocolate milk making product since I've nearly run out. 
Full of chocolately goodness!

I have it occasionally, especially if I'm flakey and need pepping up (is that even a word? Should I say boosting up?). With no more in the shop it was originally bought from I went online to my store of choice, Amazon, and got a great 3 bottle deal for £10! Bargain!!! I do have healthier drinks that perk me up for a few moments, like today's peach, coconut + almond milk & spinach smoothie, but sadly the effects of both drinks never last more than a few minutes.
Green smoothies are tasty!
I haven't done any craft today - been too flakey. I read this morning, watched anime after lunch, and after routine afternoon chores I'm going to watch some Once Upon A Time season 3 while doing crochet and gaming. It's not my favourite season, so having something else to do while watching it helps me through the parts I dislike (which is any part without Emma/Snow and with Pan). Stay tuned for more news on this growing project! 
Hope you can fit in a bit of relaxation in your day!

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