Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #128 Fabric buying show & tell!

All for under £20!
As promised the other day I'm talking about the impromptu fabric buying which happened on Saturday. On my way to meet a friend for breakfast I spotted a sign which said fabric sale. I decided to check it out afterwards. I had the usual anxiety of not knowing where a place is, not know what it would be like, worried about ending up in the wrong place, but it all worked out fine. I followed the signs to the sale, which thankfully were frequent and clear. Everyone in the warehouse was friendly and helpful, and I got to promote NCD to one interested sales assistant. 
Good thing I keep some business cards with me at all times!
The sale was a once a year event for a company which mostly sells commercial fabric. There were loads of remanants (odd bits of fabric) for sale both individually and in packs. I posted one picture up of my stash (see start of the post pic) but here's the rest for your enjoyment! Especially for W R Gingell who I know wants to see my bargains! 

I'm keeping these for my own use, as I think they are gorgeous. 
Close up of this flowery print!
I love the purple and the little flowers on it.
The rest I'm going to make things with for my Etsy store! These pictures aren't of each fabric bundle, just me putting various fabric together for the photos. They are various sizes, although most a fat quarter or smaller (a term in quilting/sewing which refers to fabric about 18" x 22" (46cm x 56cm)) 
These are 3 sets of napkins, each with 4 in: 2 check and 2 vertical stripes
I've been after some plainer fabric for linings/backing

More plain fabric

Checks and stripes!

More flower print and stripes

Zigzag-y prints - the outer ones are slightly different shades

Swirly fabric!

These are different shades of the same fabric pattern (roughly a square piece of fabric for all of them)

Finishing with another flowery pattern!
I hope you like the result of my impromptu fabric sale attendance ^o^ I'd love to hear if you've bought some craft material recently (or not so recently).
Rather than ending with a quote I'm showing this adorable box which I spotted online. So girly with lots of lace, flowers, and even a butterfly too.

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  1. Oh wow! They're all lovely, but those flowered brocades are the lovliest!


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