Thursday, 5 November 2015

October 2015 Monthly Catch Up

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 Here's September's Catch up post full of craft and baking!

Nayu's Craft Time #76 Another Snowflake Post
I chat about my crochet snowflakes, and why I'm extra excited about them.

All of September's posts!

You will want to make this cake!

Here's the plain version!

Title says it all about a new milestone, plus this super yummy cake with a hidden layer of Nutella!

This is me on a lot of days, although I do also crochet ^o^

Still finishing these off for you ^o^

My original nutella layer cake was a double decker!
Discover what I keep in my button box - it's not all buttons!
More about my button tin and other current projects

One of my eclectic posts!

A super mini update
I chat about a new type of breakfast food I'm trying out!
These are for sale!

The results of my buckwheat porridge experiment!

That's it for October, hope you enjoyed these posts! 
I wonder what wonderful things are in store for us!

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