Saturday, 7 November 2015

Nayu's Project Progress #10 Hanging decorations

Today's been a day filled with groceries, errands, and secret project making while listening to books thanks to the ever wonderful text to speech ability (almost but not quite as good as official audiobooks). As promised yesterday, you can now see what fun coloured item I got started with last night! 

The idea came from my snowflake design
If it can be a hanging decoration, I can make other shapes! I think they are rather fun. They will look better once they've been made up with ends sewn in, but I rather like them. I used the big loops I've used in dishcloths, rather than a little loop at the top just because it was easier.
Looped dishcloths - you can by the pair over on Etsy!
 I was tired by the time I got to doing crochet, and didn't want anything I had to think about. When the colour didn't change for the smaller diamonds I simply added an extra row until it did change (hence the larger diamond). I had I would love to know what you think of them! 

No crochet tonight as I skipped watching some of my mandatory anime shows at lunch (with the rest in the evening), so the time before bed will be taken up watching anime! I do plan on fitting more crochet in tomorrow though ^o^

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