Saturday, 12 September 2015

Nayu's Project Progress #8 A Truffle and Yarn Day

Here's an in progress pic of my yummy truffles: at this point some had been rolled in icing sugar and some hadn't. They all look white now!
After a drizzly morning it's a beauty blue sky with lots of fluffy clouds here in the south of England. After a busy morning grocery shopping, having coffee with a friend, and catching up on household tasks, I almost didn't write this post today. I'm having the rest of the day off, filled with watching anime, so I could have ignored my laptop. 

The truth is, I love writing this blog! I love updating my other blog, Tweeting reviews and giving you a peek into my yarn filled world. As you can see from the above image, I finally turned my truffle mix from yesterday into truffles. It turned out way better than expected, and they are all coated with icing sugar. Some are in the freezer, and some are for my friend tomorrow. Chocolate was on offer at the grocery store so I'm making more truffles this week! Can't wait, as I'll be able to eat more than one since there won't be any dark chocolate about. 

The purple yarn is extremely important!
Yarn progress wise - although I haven't done any more yet, I was thrilled to discover an extra ball of purple yarn (see start of the post). I was going to use all gold until the border of this blanket, but with the extra purple I can have another purple stripe to break up the gold. 
More purple can be had! Yay!
I'm determined to finish it this week so I can get on with work for you to buy. It's almost time for fingerless gloves so expect more than a few pairs to appear, ditto baby booties. 

I hope you are managing to have a bit of rest and relaxation this weekend. Even if it's only an hour or two, fully relaxing, forgetting about all the tasks that need doing, taking time just to be in life makes more of an impact than I'd realised until recently. Now I make it a priority, and so should you! In this case it means no crochet on a Saturday, as a tiny break is good for me.
Kick back and relax! Picture source

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