Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #65 I'm back! And how to buy me cake...

My yarn was untouched for 2 days...
Hi! Sorry for not being here the last few days - while I usually become hyper with my mega strong pain meds ketamine (I have it every 5-6 weeks), this time I was the opposite. I had negative energy and been getting lots of rest. I had to watch a lot of anime, as I didn't have energy to read for long, and definitely no energy for craft time on Monday. I've taken it easy, today's my first day of 'doing stuff' both online and offline. I'm getting there!

Thankfully yesterday and today I was up for some yarn time. I managed to make 1 baby bootie for a craft book review (photo will appear once the review goes up) and today I've started another baby bootie. It's a good thing I'm trying the patterns in practice yarn since today's pattern has 2 main errors: incorrect counting and just a blatent pattern error. I used to be shocked when patterns were wrong, but now I know that sadly it's a fact of the crafting life. I'm just grateful that I can a) recognise where errors are and b) take the time to work out an alternative. 

So no pictures today, but I do have an icon for you: as promised the other day you can now buy me cake! 
This was one of the new icons as part of NCD redesign!
The idea is that if you'd like to support my blog further, but at the moment don't want to buy anything on my Etsy shop, you can keep me fuelled with cake while I work, or to help me buy yarn to create new items with!

Originally this was going to be a long-winded process, due to me not paying a monthly fee for a merchant account. However, I hopped on PayPal today and discovered they've got an easy system for you to donate! The PayPal Me feature couldn't have come at a more prefect time, and means less clicks to provide me with cake - simply go to, select how much you'd like to give and voila, I'll have cake/yarn money! Any support you give will be much appreciated. 

It's time for me to go eat some dinner, then settle down with a good book. I'll leave you with a quote I spotted online today. 

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