Friday, 4 September 2015

How to buy me cake!

And yarn, please!
 As mentioned earlier this week, if you'd like to support me that little bit extra and make a donation to buy me cake (or yarn), what you have to do is simple. 

Click on the icon to the right (which takes you to this post...). I'd forgotten to put this up earlier in the week, so apologies for that. 

Now head to this handy PayPal link and send me your support! My real name is up there, but it's still me ^o^
Anything is welcome and appreciated to help me keep this blog full of fun content and new crochet items! If you do, you're likely to get a free gift from me of the yarn variety ^o^ Thank you for continuing to read about my crochet shop journey! 

I had planned to put some crochet pics up today but I didn't get round to it and this post needs doing, so there you have it. Photos tomorrow for sure!!! This afternoon I'm working a crochet project, can't quite decide what yet.

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