Thursday, 27 August 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #63 Bits, bobs, & buy me cake! (please)

Fresh pure white rolls!
Fresh today!
Between baking these yummy white rolls to go in the freezer, and adding Sun and Cloud Dishcloth Dreams to my store, I've had a busy half day. 

Some of the work I've been doing is visible. For now I've removed the Shop tab at the top of this blog because although it has posts with the shop tag, it's not actually my shop. I've yet to remember how to edit the tab titles without deleting them. If you know how to do this please get in touch - I'll be searching online for it soon. 

I've added an Etsy widget to this blog in the right hand menu, to tempt you with my wares! It's the one with the pretty pictures on. 

I've (finally) updated this blog's About page! 

The sort of unseen parts include tweaking profile summaries, titles, order of words, that kind of thing. You'd be bored if I listed all that I did, trust me. It makes a difference but isn't significant enough to talk about further. 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to sort out my social media icons,  order my new business cards, & enable you to buy me some cake (or yarn) if you're feeling generous and would like to support me more!

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