Saturday, 8 August 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #53 From 1 hook to 2 needles

This girl makes me think of Alice in Wonderland, which is a story I intensely dislike but I love Alice's classic outfit of blue dress and white apron.
Morning all! I hope you're having a wonderful start to the weekend. I've had a bit of a mixed week which seems to be the norm. At least being peaky means I can still crochet. Or knit...

Yes, I am knitting! Using 2 needles instead of 1 hook. This isn't instead of, more like as well as crochet (I'm writing this Friday night and my brain can't get the grammar of this sentence correct). It came in a roundabout way while seeing my friend on Monday I was thinking what small items I can make for you in my shop. My thinking drifted towards what I used to love knitting, hats and booties for babies. They are small, knit up fairly quickly (although quick and knitting don't go as well as quick and crochet), and are cute, all pluses in my opinion. So I hunted out pattern books, got out the yarn, and started knitting my first booties. 

These aren't the finished item. There will be a motif to go on this to make them even cuter than they already are. I'm going through several knitted types of booties to find a pattern I like. I'm in the process of buying a crochet pattern book for booties for the following reasons

1) Crochet is quicker than knitting 
2) Same as #1 
3) I actually prefer the look of crochet booties to knitted ones 

Double negative alert - I'm not not going to knit booties/hats. I do like knitting, although larger projects are beyond me as they weigh down the needles and can make my arms ache fairly fast which isn't the point of craft. Although I intend to crochet some booties, I plan on knitting a hat or two, since I understand knitting more than I do crochet. 

What do I do next?
Learning how to crochet shoes is going to be a big learning curve because at the moment I only knit granny squares and similar motifs. However, there are so many cute shoes/booties/sandals for children that I'm looking forward to mastering these new skills.

The funny thing about me thinking about baby hats and booties is that I had a vague request from someone I know online regarding baby items like these, which I think is a sign I should be making them! So I will. 

I almost had a minor problem when I started knitting the booties in that all the needles are really long. Standard knitting needle length is 25-30cm (10-12 inches). Ever since I've had issues with my hands/arms, I've found it hard to knit comfortably with 'normal' sized needles, as they get caught on things if I get my hands comfy. Most of my needles are inherited from my grandmothers, and a few I bought long ago so they are all standard length. I managed to unearth a 3mm (size of needle, not length) pair which were free in a magazine and nice and short. However, since for once I'm trying to be accurate in my sizes I turned to look for short needles online. 

Living in the country I see a lot of haystacks, which are relevant to my next point (needle pun not intended!)
That was almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. When I did find short needles, they didn't go as narrow a size as I needed (2.75mm). Thankfully I stumbled across a UK site which not provide short needles for 2.75mm but provide extremely pretty needles too! So I ordered 2 pairs in 2.75mm & 3.5mm - I do have a 3mm so currently don't need another. Once they arrive I'll do a review of the site because it's truly lovely, and I'm in love with them for sourcing short pretty needles in the sizes I need. Yay for short needles! 
It's exciting to have the knitting pics be 100% relevant for me, instead of having to add notes that I do crochet not knitting. I do both now!
I did momentarily get disheartened when I looked at what booties were already being sold, as they were like the ones I hope to make. However, I remembered what makes mine a bit more unique. I'm adding Japanese designed super cute motifs to make them Nayu style! Feeling cheered up I flicked through the motif pattern books and looked carefully at the ones which I feel I could try first with my current crochet skillset. I'll start attempting them this week, and will show you my attempts as they happen. 

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