Thursday, 6 August 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #52 Adventures in Pinterest!

The other side of the house is sunnier, but I'm not sure how to take sunshine pictures without accidentally blinding myself by looking at the sun. So please pretend it's there!
It's half sunny, half cloudy on Wednesday morning at the time of writing this post. I'd planned to post this on Wednesday, but then I put up another post and since I'm going over my allotted blog work time as it is (well I expect to run over) I figured this may as well be today's post. 

Think of Pinterest as a digital pinboard, only with way more suggestions than I could ever get from magazines and newspaper (if I had magazines & newspapers). Monday night I started looking into how Pinterest works. Somehow I've had an account for yonks (maybe over a year) but I haven't used it. I only meant to have a look on Monday night while on my android tablet, but I ended up creating a board or two for my current favourite anime show Aiktasu.  I was highly impressed when on Tuesday Pinterest suggested some pins for my Aikatsu cards board which were solely Aikatsu cards, 
aikatsu card - Google Search
An Aikatsu card example - accessories, tops, dresses, trousers, and shoes are all card categories
not other Aikatsu pics! 
Like this one, with Akari (left) & Sumire (right) cliff climbing
Pinterest has suggested some other anime boards for me to check out, and from the small time of browsing which I allowed myself, I'm never going to be stuck for cute anime pics again! 

Before you think this is an anime post meant for my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner, rest assured the rest of my time before bed on Monday and when I  woke up on Tuesday was spent adding all relevant photos taken on my tablet to Pinterest - including my craft photos! I created the following boards for Nayu's Crochet Dreams - click on the names to head on over and take a peek of them!

Nayu's Crochet Dreams Gift Gallery: All pictures here are for projects which I've given as gifts, or projects for myself which aren't for sale. 
A set of coasters given to a friend's parents. I've since taught the friend to crochet so she can make her own! #crochet #coasters #handmade
These are a set of coasters for a friend's parents
Nayu's Crochet Dreams Work In Progress Gallery: Plenty of pictures of past and current projects for NCD in various stages of progress. 
Beautiful squares ready to be sewn together! #crochet #handmade #blanket
These are squares which now make up a blanket soon to be on sale!

Nayu's Crochet Dreams Items for Sale: Here are the items I currently have for sale (the links will take you to the Etsy shop)
Berry Cream Dreams - pair of dishcloths #crochet #handmade #dishcloth
Like this pair of 100% cotton dishcloths
Although never for sale I've created the following sewing boards

Nayu's Sewing Project Progress Gallery: various stages of past and present sewing projects which are in progress 
This adorable bookmark is going to be for me! #cute #embroidery #bookmark
Like this bookmark for myself

Nayu's Sewing Projects Completed Gallery: Here are finished items which I've sewn. 
Honey Pot with Bee: I made this for someone in my family.
Like this honey pot cross stitch project

There are some other boards including Nayu's Board of Randomness, here I stick any picture which doesn't quite fit anywhere else
Like my pretty iced over windscreen - told you it was random!
Nayu's Food Fest where I put photos of food I like, have  eaten which I personally made or bought, 
My cheesey minions pre-baking #biscuits #cheese #yummy
Like the cheesey minion army I baked recently - world dominiation is my goal in life.
Nayu's Cat, which is dedicated to pictures of my very cute cat
Aw so cute! #cat #cute
I'm not really biased - she is cute!
There are a few others which  you are free to explore including a few anime themed boards and jigsaw puzzles ones, and in the future some book themed boards.

While I've got the basics of Pinterest covered, I'm still exploring the features it has to offer that will be useful here on NCD so I'll be sure to let you know when progress is made. 

Tomorrow I'll be chatting about my Adventures in Facebook which are completely crochet related, no anime whatsoever. 
See  you soon!

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