Sunday, 2 August 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #51 A productive afternoon

Sorry for the non-post on Friday - I ended up with a mild migraine. Not that there's anything mild about a mild migraine, but it meant no blogging. A 2 hour nap and lots of rest helped it vanish when I woke Saturday morning. 

Anyway, yesterday was a productive afternoon. I braved the world of teams on the Etsy forum and joined up with 2 newbie focused teams. Hopefully it means I can improve my shop and make you all want to buy my handmade crochet items! There's so much to think about it is honestly a bit overwhelming and it feels like I'm not sure where to start. By joining teams I can get help for any questions I have.

I also managed to create a 'shop now' button on my Nayu's Crochet Dreams Facebook page - do check it out! 

My latest blanket folded in quarters
Not only that, but I put up my Peppermint Cream Dreams blanket for sale on Etsy too. It was a happily productive afternoon following hot milk + marshmallows & croissant with a friend in the morning, followed by crochet and audiobooks in the evening. I love days like those! I hope your weekend has been fun with a fair share of productivity and relaxation ^o^

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