Thursday, 16 July 2015

Nayu's Project Progress #2 Butterflies, bats, crocodiles and crochet

Aren't butterflies beautiful? I love any creatures with wings, especially bats especially bats who I think are beautiful, albeit not a traditional type of beauty. 
I also adore baby crocodiles (and the bigger ones too) - they are just so adorable with their cute little snout, their teeny tiny teeth, their mini tail and legs...
Mummy/Daddy crocodile being used as a surf board...
Ah-hem. As I promised yesterday today's post is a catch up on the projects I've worked on this week. The reason I brought up butterflies is because while I was ill I couldn't always settle on one project, so I flitted (if there's such a word) from project to project like a butterfly (which then led to bats and crocodiles... who I think are as cute as a mummy cat and her kittens which will make you go awww!
I'm sure you will think this is cute!
First I'd like to share the star bunting which I made the other week. 
Twinkle, twinkle, little star...
They need pressing so they keep their shape, and at the moment I'm not confident enough to make them to sell on Nayu's Crochet Dreams Etsy store but it's one I'm keeping in mind for the future. I have since had inspiration what I can do with these stars in the future, and other shapes which don't necessarily fit nicely together for a blanket. I'll attach them to plain crochet squares on a blanket/other item to jazz it up! 

One item whose future variations will include cute flower/stars/etc is fingerless gloves. This pair I've made for a friend, but I'm hoping to start selling them soon too. The multicoloured yarn gloves, like this pair, won't have anything added as they are pretty enough. Those which I use single colours I'll add a flower or other motif, or perhaps edge it differently. These are the first pair of gloves I've joined together by crocheting the edges as if I was using the join as you go method. I realise some of you may not understand what I'm saying, but I know you'll appreciate this is a more secure method than sewing the glove edges together, and easier. 

My starting point
As well as crochet I've worked on this cute project for a friend. It's really starting to come together now. I did have to unpick and resew a few areas, because while super tired/hyper/not exactly able to concentrate I miscounted where those areas needed to be. 
I added the purple writing, the purple flowers, and a few other details.

Finally last night I wound up these balls of yarn and spent over 5 minutes deciding what order to put the colours - they will be the flower petals on the picture shawl with white centres. The reason I can't simply make lots of motifs then figure out the colours is that the pattern uses the join as you go method, which means you attach each flower to the next during the final row which provides a more secure connection then simple sewing does, plus is much faster too ^o^
My shawl will be the one on the right
  I've opted for using the darker colours followed by the lighter shades because it looks pretty.

I love crochet and sewing!
This weekend I'm working on my commision blanket since after nearly 1 month delay due to warehouse moves and supplier stocktake the rest of the yarn arrived yesterday. I did a mini dance of joy as I've waited a long time for it. 

That's it for today - stay tuned tomorrow for the next post, whose subject I currently have no idea!

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