Thursday, 23 July 2015

Nayu's Craft time #47 My first sale!

Let's celebrate!

I've had my first ever official sale on my Etsy store Nayu's Crochet Dreams!!!! 

If you hadn't already guessed from the opening picture and large announcement, Tuesday night became one of celebration when my first official sale came through. I say official because the commissioned blanket was bought outside of Etsy and it was a family member. 
This cute baby blanket is sold!
I sold the beautiful Lemon Meringue Dreams to someone I know a little on Twitter. Disturbingly Etsy sent them an email saying the blanket was unavailable after they'd bought it - I was able to reassure them their blanket wasn't sold out and that Etsy had had a hiccup. 

Cue much excitement from me, a mental happy dance, and a few texts to friends to share the news. I am in business! 

Sophisticated & cute purse which I'd love
 It's mostly definitely official because yesterday I dutifully declared myself as self-employed to the tax office. I'm possibly one of the few people who gets bouncy & excited over sorting tax details. Since its it's not all that obvious what to do I did use the web chat function, which works brilliantly and the adviser gave me the self-employment tax helpline number. I know I'll be using it a lot once the paperwork comes through. But that's what it's there for! 
A mega cute purse I'd love to have & which makes me think of Little Red Riding Hood (be grateful I didn't add more than 2 purse examples as there were thousands to choose from!)
Yes I'm currently super excited about doing my taxes. That may wear off, but judging from the tasks at work which I loved and my colleagues didn't it is possible that I'll still be bouncy & excited when I do them. 

Either way, I'm finally in business! Spent a lot of time this morning staring at the official looking order form/receipt/packing slip and doing a lot of squee-ing. Being excited meant it took longer to pack up the blanket to post because I kept looking at it and going 'squee' to myself. I'm not giving times from yesterday morning, let's just say the excitement hadn't worn off. I sincerely hope I get as excited over ever sale (very possible) because it's an amazing thing to think that something I've made from what is simply yarn and a crochet hook someone wants to buy and have my dreams in their life. 

I'm one happy Nayu!

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