Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #36 Crochet schedule!

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With July fast approaching, I'm contemplating what my flexible crochet schedule could be like. It has to be flexible because of my health, but since I know roughly what I can do on good and not so great days, I can satisfy the part of me which thrives on routine by creating a crochet timetable for any kind of day. A day without a schedule fills me with terror - it can be a loose one like 'only watch anime and read' but I must have one. 

Good days for me mean I'm able to think for a few hours, which is essential for some kinds of blog posts – both craft and non-craft. Those are the days when I can write more – which since I'm trying to get my novels published takes a bit more priority than crochet. However, to maximise the benefits of a good day I need to take breaks, and since crochet isn't reading it's a perfect activity to take breaks from writing with! Besides, I can easily listen to audiobooks while I crochet ^o^ I'll watch anime too!

On my not so great days when I don't have much brain power crochet really comes into it's own. While it won't be a time for learning new techniques, something else that is for more of a good day, I can practice stitches I know well and concentrate on building stock for my shop. Again audiobooks are more ideal than dvds since I don't have to pay attention to anything except the crochet, which doesn't move as films and anime does.

Here's my daily schedule from July first: 

Days with brain power 

I know it says spring but good days I can feel like an energetic hopping bunny!
Whenever I wake up until lunch
Focus on working on novel with crochet breaks, either easy crochet or start learning a new technique 
2-3 hours of anime (mandatory rest)
1 hour social media-ing & emails
1 hour gaming

do whatever I feel like (reading/sewing/crochet etc) 
 Days with less brain power
Days when I'd love to snooze and do nothing, but I have to do something to stay awake & ticking over.
Whenever I wake up until lunch:
Focus on resting with audiobooks, crochet I know, lots of anime
After lunch: 
2-3 hours of anime (mandatory rest)
1 hour social media-ing, emails & a bit of blogwork as needed
1 hour gaming
After dinner:
Lots of restful activities – easy crochet/anime/dvds ok

Other days
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It's entirely possible that I'll rarely have a day like my schedules, choosing to spend some reading all day, or being in a writing frenzy, or ignoring everything except for my hook and yarn, but the schedules them makes me happy which is all that matters. I'm much more flexible now than I used to be, and no longer freak out if the day doesn't go as planned. It still annoys me, but it can't be helped when my plan doesn't mesh with God's plan! 

Oh, I may write a second part to this post, because on reflection I'd quite like a colourful print out which I can pin up to remind myself of what my day may look like - that and schedule templates are cute likes this one! 

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