Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #31 Irresistable Yarn

Yarn. Beautiful yarn! It's kind of hard to resist when it's on special offer ^o^ This gorgeous yarn which as you can see I've started making a blanket already shouted "It's
at the top of its lungs to me, so it jumped into my online basket and soon found my house!

I have to make the point that summer is a season, although associated with hot weather (oh please let us have multiple heat waves this year so I don't need a hated blanket during the day) summer for me is more the months of June/July/August, when it can rain and be quite cold, but the general feeling of summer is about if you look for it.

Naturally it being a bank holiday weekend here in England (aka random national holiday on Monday) there are yarn sales galore! I've got the spec for my first commissioned blanket, so will get some deals on that yarn, and after a long time looking at all the yarn on offer (someone has to look at the shiny yarn with money off, so it may as well be me since I'm the one buying & using it) I'm grabbing a few balls of makes I haven't used before for future projects. I love playing with crochet! Just like cats do...
"It's mine!!!"

Oh, other big news, my competition blanket is now ready to be made to order for you! Check it all out on my Etsy store.

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