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Deramores 2015 Competition entry

I love how it doesn't matter how experienced you are with yarn craft to enter!

I'm so dreaming of this!

 This post is my submission to the Deramores Craft Blog Competition 2015. Deramores is the UK’s number one online retailer of knitting and crochet supplies. Visit for more details

*grins* There's a good reason why I've skipped a few blog posts over the past week. Besides having a close call with a migraine, I've been beavering away on my entry for the Deramores 2015 Competition! The actual competition is revealed further down the page, after my reasoning behind it and the process which I took to make it.

Rainbows are magical!
First I want to talk about the theme I chose to follow, Rainbow colours. The craft blogger who thought up this theme is Heather Leal of The Patchwork Heart. I suspected I'd like the theme when I saw the top image on her blog, which is super cute. Rainbow colours have always appealed to me - I use a mixture of colours in the Nayu's Crochet Dreams' logo, and frequently see cute ones in anime.
One of my current favourites, PriPara is bursting with colour in every episode as the girls sing and dance their hearts out.
I was inspired when Heather said rainbows don't have to be the traditional one of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, especially considering I can struggle to figure out what colour indigo is without looking it up. 

First I had to decide on colours. That was a little hard, but once I decided on the yarn type (acrylic as I want to explore less expensive yarns for my crochet shop) I had a look at the pinks, purples, and blues in several yarn options and settled for this lot! 
 I chose the cream and brown to separate the colours (which didn't happen) I ended up not using the light brown.
Attempt #1  
When I first put my thinking cap on, I was going to debut my crochet emoticon blanket.
However, not having made it before (or thought to design it on squared paper) it I hadn't got the proportions right, and without explaining a friend didn't know what it was. Since time was a factor I set it aside and opted for a pattern I'm used: rows and squares

More tweaking
Colours and pattern decided, you'd think there's nothing more to be changed, right? Well there was. I tried alternating cream with the colours but it didn't look right to me.
I refuse to enter something I'm not 100% happy with, so I ditched the cream and tried putting the colours one after another - you can see from the smaller square on the right that it worked! 

And so the blanket grows
When starting out my (one of many) crochet bags looked bursting with colour. 
It was a joy to work on because the colours made me happy, and reminded me a bit of an outfit from one of my favourite anime, PriPara

Slowly the blanket grew. 
Here it is just as I started attached the border. I didn't take pictures as it grew! Not sure why.
The square border
I'd put squares together to form blankets previously, and thought having small squares using the colours of this competition blanket (minus the brown and cream) would look cute. It took a fair bit of time sewing in all the ends of the colours, making sure I was making them in the right colour combinations (I had to restart several times when I used the wrong colours together - paying attention was important!) 
Here are almost all the squares ready to be sewn up & on
To keep them from getting muddled up I stacked them and tied them with an eleastic band. I then restacked them in the order they would be sewn.
However, it was so much fun! I was excited every time I got my needle and hook out. Here's a glimpse of what the squares look like: 
 If you click on the picture I think you can zoom in and sew that the stitches I used to join them to the main blanket are showing. I quite like this as a feature on the blanket which is why I kept it and why joined the squares the way I did. 

The outer border
More trial and error ensued with the border. I was going to do a few rows of some of the colours, but it didn't look right. I then added a row of brown, and tried coloured rows again, but it still didn't look right. 
 You can see I stuck with the cream which I'd ditched as row spacers earlier. Now, I can't yet read a crochet pattern, and since I get confused with written patterns when I'm tired (which is all the time) I did my usual thing and made it up. There's probably a name for this stitch, but I think it looks like mini fans ^o^ 
Here's Sakura from another favourite anime of mine, Aikatsu, also a music themed one - she's using fans in her song, as well as lots of colour!

The big reveal

Now you know all about my blanket it's time to reveal it in all its glory! 

Scroll down! 

Keep scrolling! 


I'm absolutely thrilled with it - I hope you like it! I'm keeping it for myself, but will be creating more in both the same colour scheme and different ones to sell in my crochet shop. 

Looks good folded up
even the back looks gorgeous!

Also good looking in what I call the 'in use' photo ^o^
This is my first ever crochet competition, it has taught me so much about designing, working with colours, how nothing is set in stone especially if it doesn't look right, my love of crochet blankets has grown and so too have ideas for my crochet store! Even if I don't win any prizes I've benefitted from creating my competition entry piece!

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