Thursday, 2 April 2015

Winner of my opening blog competition!

Is this yours?
Although a little later than usual, as promised today I can reveal the winner of my opening blog competition! It seems forever since I put up my first blog post. Shop wise I'm getting much closer to opening up my Etsy store - today I spent a good 2 hours taking measurements of my blankets and taking a lot of photos too. Step by step will get me there! 

Right, time to get on with the winner. I let Rafflecoptor decided the winner, and I had to smile because I know them! The winner is... 

Many congratulations Lynsey, I hope you love the blanket as much as I do. I've just emailed to sort out posting it to you. 

Thank you everyone who entered - there will be another blanket competition coming soon! I can reveal that you will have a say in some of the design, so keep an eye out for it - it will tie in with opening of my Etsy store ^o^
Bye til then!

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