Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #19 My Etsy store is live!

Nayu's Crochet Dreams is now open!!
You've probably noticed the big Etsy sign like this one at the top of the page- you've guessed correctly if you think my Etsy store is live! It's the place to be to buy my crochet creations. Please hop on over to take a look, and spread the word if you've got someone you want to give a bit of love to in the form of a blanket or dishcloth. More stock is on the way, so stay tuned! 

I'm super excited that it's all coming together. There is a lot of stuff that needs tweaking, but after a very long day Sunday getting the basics ready I'm doing everything one step at a time.


  1. Excellent! It was a good idea to set up your crochet shop on Etsy, which has an established community and a wider reach. People should seize these online platforms to their advantage, and use them as a means to market their work to more clientele. Cheers!

    Mildred Stephens @ Reputation Local

  2. Congrats! I’m sure your followers are very excited about this too. It’ll serve as an easier way for them to avail of your work and patterns, should you opt to sell that too. Anyway, I hope that your shop flourishes soon. Maybe you could also create a Pinterest or Instagram account, if you haven’t already. That would be a great way to promote your Etsy store, and you get to take more lovely pictures to post here in your blog, as well as to update your catalogue. Cheers!

    Carolyn Figueroa @ Maximized Marketing


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