Sunday, 15 February 2015

Welcome to Nayu's Crochet Dreams! + International Competition

I want to share my dreams with all of you!
It is with great joy and excitement that I welcome you to the dedicated blog of my soon to be open crochet shop, Nayu's Crochet Dreams. It started out on my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner late 2014

Nayu's Crochet Dreams is about me sharing my dreams with the world through crochet. Each item is handmade by me, filled with happy, positive thoughts, letting the user of each item know they are loved and cared for, even when life throws a lot of curve balls. With every stitch comes the hope you will be encouraged to reach for your dreams, whatever they may be! 
People can't always be with you to give a hug, but blankets can be the filling in hugs until you see someone again
Dreams and compassion are what makes the world go round. Sometimes it's hard to remember that when life gets a bit grim. Nayu's Crochet Dreams items are a reminder of the happier side to life found in the colourful coasters, lap blankets, baby blankets, and fingerless gloves. (The last two items are being made for future collections) 

Each collection will have a theme, and each theme may have several sub-themes. For example my current Autumn Collection 2014's theme is Autumn, and the sub-themes are Autumn Leaf Dreams and Pumpkin Patch Dreams - there will be more on these in another post, to separate this welcome post from the shopping post.

The main reason why Nayu's Crochet Dreams is unique to me, Nayu, is that I'll be doing anime themed collections! These will incorporate colours used for anime characters from their hair and their outfits. Each collection may contain any of the following: coasters, fingerless gloves, blankets. I'm super excited about these because ideas are bouncing about my head for anime including

    I'm currently thinking over ideas for Ichigo's Swing Rock outfit to include the cat ears!

I adore the colour combination of the never named heroine's outfit.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 
Ideas for character coasters are racing around almost as fast as Lightning Dash can fly! (She's the blue winged pony)

Strawberry Shortcake most recent version
The girls' individual outfit colours are something I'm eager to play around with in yarn form

(Season 6: Bloom, Daphne, Stella, and Musa in the background) What can I say? It's one of my favourite anime shows to watch, so obviously I'm getting ideas on how to include my favourite fairies into my craft work!

I did tweet a few hints before the original release of NCDs,  today, blogged about them, and included them in my 'Today I'm....' picture on the right hand menu of Nayu's Crochet Dreams about this announcement being related to craft by mentioning Sora from the anime Aikatsu.
Sora makes her debut in the fun anime when she launches her own Aikatsu brand, becoming the first design student from Dream Academy to make it with the other major Aikatsu brands which the girls use for all their shows. I'm not designing entire outfits, as I'm not skilled in dressmaking at all, but I am using the simple crochet skills that I do have to bring happiness to others.
Rewatching the episode where Sora's dream takes off seemed to give me the encouragement I needed to launch Nayu's Crochet Dreams. Life is for living, so that's what I'm doing!
I know Sora would agree with me on this!
To all newcomers, be warned that I have a love of cute anime pictures, although here on NCD I'll be posting more item photos than anime pictures. In theory! 
A few are craft related, like this one

I will launch various collections and other items in individual posts in due course. Full details of each item will be given, such as type of yarn, size, price, etc as well as the relevant Etsy link. This welcome post is to say hi, and give you an idea of what to expect here. 

Hi, this is me, Nayu. Well, not actually me - I don't have hair super long or green, but this is the picture I use for my Avatar online.

I'll be giving full explanations on the inspiration for my designs, my experiments with creating my own crochet borders, occasional insight into my yarn stash, and random competitions. 

You can find me on Twitter @Nayuleska and Facebook as Nayu Pitcairn.

I'm in the process of setting up an Etsy shop where you can by my gorgeous lap blankets and more. I'll link to it once it is live, which will be by the end of March 2015. Hopefully it will be live sooner but there's quite a lot of technical 'stuff' which is going to take me a while. For those who don't know me, I suffer from both severe chronic pain and a permanent chronic illness which includes a lot of fatigue. Resting lots means staying off my laptop, and thus no NCD shop work, but it does mean watching anime which gives me inspiration for my crochet, which I also do while resting, often listening to audiobooks or watching human drama as opposed to anime. 
When it suits her I can be found with my cat, who is actually tabby but I can use this picture a lot!
I'd hoped to get the Etsy shop up and running today, but I need to rest soon, so you'll have to be patient. You are more than welcome to buy the items currently for sale on this site in the Shop area by getting in touch with me via the online form in the right hand menu and sorting payment through Paypal - I'm a verified Paypal account holder. I do understand that some of you may prefer to wait for official Etsy shop for security, and I understand that. 

 Competition Time!

To make the wait worthwhile and as part of launching this dedicated Nayu's Crochet Dreams blog I've got a competition for you! 
A colourful dream!
I made this square lap blanket, which measures 71 cm/18 inches specifically for this competition. It's made from a variety of yarn including cotton (white parts) and sock yarn for the other parts. At least I think its sock yarn - all the yarn used was without a label, which is why I can't sell it as I don't know the origins. 

It uses all the colours of the rainbow, reflecting the diversity of both my own dreams, and my crochet dreams which hopefully will be endless. It is a worldwide competition, so even if you live with the penguins and polar bears in the North/South poles I'll send it to you.

Entering is easy, simply fill in the form below before 12pm GMT 31st March. I'll announce the winner after 3pm that day. Please do spread the word wherever you go, so that Nayu's Crochet Dreams can travel across the world and reach everyone's hearts. 
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Thank you for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon! 


  1. Congratulations. I know you have dreamed of this for a while now.

  2. Thanks Mary! Yes, been a long time coming. It's exciting!

  3. I hope everything works out well for you, Nayu. *hugs* and best wishes xx


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